Fundamental concepts of adhesion and adhesives are explained through the use of graphics, interactive exercises and examples of practical usage. A Concept Map outlines each step in the adhesion process along with the relevant technical issues. Chemical structures and formulation pathway are provided for key adhesives.

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Adhesion Systems

Adhesion Orientation

Table of Contents - Adhesion

The material is presented as a self tutorial but is also ideal for classroom or on-line presentation. The course provides a Concept Map of the fundamental elements of adhesion: Adherend, Surface Preparation, Adhesives, Intermolecular Forces, Wetting and Spreading, Curing, and Testing. Each topic is explained in detail through the use of animations and interactive problems. An Index of terms allows the user to quickly locate and navigate to any topic. A Table of Contents is also provided to aid the user in locating topics.

  1. Introduction to Adhesion
  2. Interactive Forces
  3. Surface Tension
  4. Polymers
  5. Testing of Adhesive Systems
  6. Practical Adhesion
  7. Structural Adhesives
  8. Elastomer Based Adhesives
  9. Hot Melt Adhesives
Chemical formulae and methods of synthesis are provided for key adhesives.