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Problem Solving Guide

Table of Contents - Fluid Mechanics

Presentation of fundamental concepts and solved problems of an introductory course, generally given to engineering students at the sophomore or junior level. Learning is enhanced through the use of goal statements, graphics, animations interactive exercises. Problem solutions and derivations are illustrated step by step.

Who will benefit?
  • Engineering students taking a first course in Heat Transfer
  • Instructors who wish to present computer-based lectures: Classroom, Distance learning, Tutoring
  • Practicing Engineers who need a refresher course or desktop reference
  1. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
  2. Static Pressure
  3. Inviscid Flow
  4. Continuity
  5. Differential Momentum Balances
  6. Energy in Flowing Fluids
  7. Momentum Control Volumes
  8. External Flows
  9. Dimensional Analysis
  10. Internal Flows
  11. Problem Solver Guide
WESEECO's Fluid Mechanics Problem Solver Guide teaches the student how to set up and solve the most frequently encountered problems:
  1. A step-wise strategy of solving the class of problem
    1. Hydrostatics
      1. Static Pressure
      2. Bouyancy and Stability
    2. Hydrodynamics
      1. Control Volumes
      2. Differential Momentum
      3. Dimensional Analysis
      4. Inviscid Flow
      5. Internal Flow
      6. External Flow
  2. Typical boundary conditions
  3. Equation library
  4. Example problems worked in detail
  • Quick Search Table of Contents and Comprehensive Index.
  • Orientation
  • Interactive Problems with step-wise solutions
  • Experimental Techniques
  • Theoretical Derivations
  • References