This course has significant departures from the traditional presentation of introductory thermodynamics. Key features include
  • Stating and illustrating Gibbs' law, Carnot's Law and Boltzman's Law that replace the usual three laws of thermodynamics
  • Discussing and graphically displaying changes in thermodynamic states resulting from release of constraints on a system's energy, volume and mass
  • Analyzing a system's entropy in terms of the distribution of molecules over energy levels and relating that distribution to the temperature rather than using the traditional heat engine
  • Describing departures from ideality in terms of activities (not activity coefficients)
  • Basics:
    • Intro and Gibbs
    • Carnot
    • Work and Heat
    • Transformation
    • Boltzman
  • Equilibrium:
    • Ideal Behavior
    • Single Phase
    • Real Gases
    • Non-Ionic
    • Ionic
    • Phase Behavior
    • Thermochemistry
Learning is enhanced through the use of goal statements, graphics, animations . Derivations of equations are shown step-wise using easily understood animations Special Features: Quick Search Table of Contents and Orientation.